Crichton's Photography

Crichton was very active as the photographer for the Centre Hastings municipal website through 2002, 2003 and 2004. His photo galleries, listed below, captured much of the life of our community, and they are posted here as a record both of Crichton's work and as a resource for those who are interested in preserving the history of Centre Hastings.


* October 12th - Last Farmer's Market for the Season
* October 31st - Hallowe'en
* November 11th - Remembrance Day
* November 15th - Away We Go Concert

* Christmas


* Water Treatment Plant Visit


* May 4th - Pictures (mixed content)
* May 16th and 17th - South Hall Fire Fighter's Yard Sale
* May 17th - Farmer's Market Opening
* April Showers Bring May Flowers
* September 6th - Music in the Park
* Madoc Fair
* Fall Scenes
* October - Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

* Here's to Hallowe'en
* October 31st - Hallowe'en
* November 11th - Remembrance Day
* November 14th - Awards Presentations
* 385 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Celebrates Christmas
* Madoc Merchants Have a Merry Christmas Dinner and Dance
* Community Christmas Dinner at the Madoc Kiwanis Centre
* Santa Claus Parade


* Centre Hastings Volunteer Fire Department (Huntingdon Hall) Celebrates a 25th Anniversary

* God Rest Ye Merry, Merchants!


* January - Winter Scenes
* March - MapleFest
* May 6th - Madoc Public School Fun Fair
* May 7th - Wild Kids, Wild Cats, and Starlets Hold Victory Banquet
* May 21st - Yard Sales in Centre Hastings
* June 5th - Rubber Duckie Race
* June 19th - First Annual Centre Hastings Non-Motorized Regatta
* July - Centre Hastings in Full Bloom

Madoc Farmer's

Sept. 25, 2004

* October 2nd - Kiwanis Club of Madoc ATV Poker-Run
* October 2nd - Masonic Lodge 150th Anniversary Dinner
* October 2nd - SkatePark Clean-up
* October 23rd - Kiwanis Hallowe'en Dance
* October 23rd and 24th - Centre Hastings Volunteer Fire Department (Huntingdon Hall) Craft Show
* October 31st - Well Tricked out for a Treating (Hallowe'en 2004)
* October 31 - 150th Anniversary of the Community Hall in Moira
* November 9th - Library Board Thanks Friends of the Library
* November 11th - Remembrance Day
* November 24th - Kiwanis Governor of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean, visits the Kiwanis Club
* December 4th - An Evening
with the King
* Madoc Cadet Corp. Christmas and Company Promotions
* Santa Claus Parade

* Snowmobile Poker Run
* Record Construction Levels in Centre Hastings
* Centre Hastings Rabies Clinic
* Garden of Earthy Delights

* Centre Hastings Hosts Mutual Aid
* #385 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp. 52nd Annual Ceremonial Inspection
* Comfort Country Christmas

Note: Most of these galleries were published immediately after the events they record and were retained on the website for only a few days or weeks. As a result, it was seldom necessary to record information about the specific dates on which the events occurred. Those who viewed the galleries would usually know these details.

As we develop this archival record, we are attempting to catalogue these galleries with their correct dates and a short description of the events. If you are able to provide further information, especially for those galleries where the specific date is unknown, please contact


Do you have pictures of Crichton at any of these events? Since we often counted on him to be the photographer, we have hundreds of pictures of other members of he community, but very few of Crichton himself. If you have pictures of him that could be added to this archive, please send along scanned copies to If you need help with scanning, that can be arranged through the same email address.