Remembrance Day 2002

The following pictures were taken by councillor Crichton Harrop on Remembrance Day, November 11th, 2002. If you would like to have a full size version of any of these files, please contact him by email at If you would prefer to have your picture removed from this site, please contact Tanapics.

Picture of students laying wreathes at a Remembrance Day Service

Picture of military personnel at the service

Picture of two pipers and a drummer who were part of the service

More children laying wreathes  at a Remembrance Day Service

Address by a veteran

Display of wreathes

Veterans seated at the service

Honour guard with flags

Remembrance Day Service Presenters

Remembrance Day Service Presenters

Relaxing after the service

This is an archived copy of a gallery originally posted by
Councillor Crichton Harrop on the website.

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