Away We Go!

These pictures were taken by our photographer at the "Away We Go" Rock Concert held at the Monsignor O'Neill Hall Friday, November 15.

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Troy Thompson's "Away We Go" Rock Concert held at the Monsignor O'Neill Hall last Friday, November 15th was most successful.

Well attended, local teens were treated to five excellent bands playing virtually non-stop from 7:30 P.M. until midnight.

The bands included Keebo des Bozos, Going Postal, Drop Dead, Blind Ambition, and The Vinyl Riot. The music was high energy as was the mosche pit.

Most of the bands have a strong Christian background playing what is popularly known as Christian punk.

In a parody of Jonathan Swift (writing about O"Rourke's Feast):
The music we heard
Will ne'er be forgot
By those who were there
And those who were not.

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Councillor Crichton Harrop on the website.

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