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This website is being developed by the family and friends of Crichton Harrop as a tribute to a man who touched the lives of many members of our community in a kind and generous way.



Crichton spent so much time looking through the back of his cameras as he took wonderful pictures of activities in his community. Unfortunately, since he was always the photographer at these events, we have relatively few pictures of him.

Recently, we have received two excellent pictures taken on his 2004 fall trip to New England. Please click either image below for an enlargement.

About the image at the top of this page -

This picture was taken by Crichton in the fall of 2004, and it shows a ripened milkweek pod with seeds that are being spread by the wind, caught in mid-flight. In a sense, the theme of this picture is that a full life results in the spreading of a legacy that reaches further than we can know. The picture says much about the photographer.

Friends of the Library Scholarship

The Friends of the Library voted at their last meeting to fund a 'Friends of the Library Scholarship' for a Madoc student graduating from Centre Hastings High School. This scholarship is for $500.00 and is to be given to a student who is furthering his or her education with a major in a subject associated with Literature or Library Sciences.

The Friends also voted to give the award this year in memory of Crichton Harrop, We feel that Crichton would heartily approve of this memorial to him, as a former teacher and librarian at CHHS and a great lover of Literature.

Crichton was so supportive of the Friends of the Library and we are pleased to be able to honour him in this way.

Crichton, presenting "Terrific Kids" awards to students at Madoc Public School in December, 2004. (Click to enlarge.)


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